Roque Salon conducts advanced cutting and coloring training for experienced hairdressers under the guidance of Roque Salon educators. As part of this program, we are constantly looking for hair models.


How do I become a Roque Salon hair model?
In order to become a Roque Salon hair model, you must attend a Model Call where a Roque Salon representative will assess your hair to determine suitability for our seminars.

What are the benefits to being a model at Roque Salon?

- $20.00-$40.00 haircuts 

- $20.00-$60.00 color services

- A technically advanced cut or color service performed by a professional stylist, overseen by a Roque Salon educator. 

- More time spent on your hair, ensuring a cut tailored to your individual features.

Can I just get a trim?
Models must be open to a style change, which will be agreed upon during the consultation.

How long are Roque Salon seminars?
Appointments last from two to four hours depending on the service.

Once I become a Roque model, can I book more free haircuts without having to attend a another model call?
Yes, depending on the content of future seminars.

How frequently can I rebook?
Women should allow six weeks between cuts and men four weeks.

How do I rebook a haircut?
Call 312.863.7678

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